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Priyanka & Kevin

Kevin & Priyanka have been the perfect couple – everything that a Wedding Photographer can dream of. It was such a pleasure to be a part of their celebrations, and interact with them before, during and now after the wedding. With white-gloved butlers, an elegant reception, and the ceremony blessed by a bishop.

Talking about the Bride first, Priyanka has one of those infectious smiles with a beautiful face, which makes everyone want her. You can't help but fall in love with her. She is such a talented and creative person. The fun fact is that she single-handedly planned her entire wedding and personalized it down to the flower selection. Priyanka met Kevin after their families took it upon themselves to set up a meeting. Soon they discovered that they had a great deal in common. Looking at their chemistry during the pre-wedding, it didn't feel like they just met. There was an instant connection that grew deeper and fonder as they spent their days & nights talking to each other.

Part 1: Bachelorette party

A fun bachelor's event was organized by Priyanka's friend. The girls had a dance party in their cowgirl boots and flannels. Priyanka surrounded her girls and was blessed with so much love. I’m pretty sure their heart was exploding with gratitude at this point because mine sure was and I was just overwhelmed.

Part 2: Sangeet

Part 3: Haldi

Part 4: Wedding & Reception

Priyanka’s arrival at the wedding venue was unique. Her bridesmaids stood on each side of a vintage car and walked holding her dress. The onlookers couldn’t help but scream and cheer for the couple as they drove to their reception. Then came the groomsmen on bikes. Kevin had so much fun taking pictures with them as they rode by. They were surrounded by a sea of laughter and enjoyment all day.

Priyanka and Kevin exchanged garlands surrounded by the love of their closest family and friends. The function ended capturing Priyanka and her father sharing an emotional hug as the father-daughter duo prepared to say farewell to each other.

Kevin and Priyanka, no one deserves this perfect day more than the two of you. Your joy is contagious and Cheers to many more decades of love and happiness!



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